The Benefits of Eating Healthy Food as a Child

The Benefits of Eating Healthy Food as a Child

The Benefits of Eating Healthy Food as a Child

Do you remember how your mother used to continuously tell you to eat healthy food when you were a child? You might have found it annoying back then but she was right. It's likely that history is repeating itself with your child now.

Today, children are exposed to junk and unhealthy food items. Hence, they are increasingly becoming vulnerable to health issues at an early age. It is crucial that you pay attention to your children’s nutrition and health to eliminate any possible health risks now and later in their adult lives.

Here are some benefits of eating healthy food as a child:

  • Maintain Ideal Body Weight

  • Both childhood obesity and malnourishment are serious global public health challenges. Some children weigh more than the ideal weight because they consume an excess quantity of unhealthy food. Some children weigh less than the ideal weight because they fall below the poverty line, simply lack access to proper nutrition or are fussy and deny it. 

    A healthy diet in the right quantity will provide essential nutrients required for optimal weight maintenance.

  • Prevent Chronic Diseases

  • Chronic diseases such as asthma, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and diabetes are becoming common in children. Chronic diseases are easily preventable and manageable by incorporating a healthy diet that is low in fat and artificial sugars.

  • Reach Development Milestones

  • While development milestones differ from one child to another, there is a certain age by which they should achieve that milestone. A balanced diet ensures that children do not suffer from any developmental delays. It plays a significant role in their growth and development.

  • Prevent Mental Health Disorders

  • Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression in children are becoming a major concern for parents and the health system. Good nutrition can have a positive impact on children’s mood, behaviour and psychological health and well-being. 

  • Improve Brain Function

  • Food groups that are rich in essential nutrients are crucial for brain development and function in children. They keep brain cells healthy and active. Such nutrients also aid in cognitive development. Healthy food is also vital to creating memory cells in the brain.

  • Boost the Immune System

  • Healthy food prepares the body to fight against infections and viruses. It can prevent illnesses and help in faster recovery when sick. That’s why your children need to build immunities.

    What Comprises of a Healthy Diet?

    A healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses and legumes. Give them a rainbow platter – a variety of food with different colours consisting of a combination of different nutrients. Make sure that children eat their meals properly every day. You can allow your children to indulge in some treats or junk food occasionally. However, it is quite possible that a healthy diet may still not fulfil your children’s nutritional requirements.

    Hence, you need to consider giving them vitamin and mineral supplements on the doctor’s advice. You can try healthy gummy vitamins from trustworthy brands like Fundoze. These natural vitamin gummies are available for calcium, vitamin D3 and Omega + DHA. The all natural gummy vitamins provide balanced nutrition and contain no preservatives. You can be rest assured that these vitamin gummies India are safe to be given to your children.