About Us

About US

We all make choices in life. At Fundoze we choose to make ours maximum health and happiness. We know how painful taking vitamins can be - but we also understand the importance of prevention is better than cure, so to make your choice easy we’ve added only the freshest ingredients, super yummy flavours & obviously a whole lot fun in every vitamin supplement you would consume by Fundoze & basically just making everyone happy & healthy & super active.

A little Extra

It basically means we are here to provide a little extra of everything you need to keep you healthy in the easiest manner possible by adding

From the ingredient picking to safety sealing your supplements, we only go “A little Extra” mile while maintaining the highest standards and safety to get you only the utmost important nutrition you need super duper easily.

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We aim for you to make taking your daily dose of nutrients part of your routine by adding those nutrients via the foods that seem the hardest to intake yet absolutely necessary in your daily diet into our supplements filling the nutritional gap in your diet caused by hectic lives and processed food. So while you're out there in the world conquering the world and gaining milestone post milestone We will be here taking care of your inner world by making nutrition simple, yum & fun one doze at a time.