Gummy Vitamins – Are They Healthy or A Candy in Disguise?

Gummy Vitamins – Are They Healthy or A Candy in Disguise?

Gummy Vitamins – Are They Healthy or A Candy in Disguise?

Parents always make conscious efforts to provide a nutritious and well-balanced diet to their children. However, your kids may still not get enough minerals, vitamins and other nutrients if they don’t eat properly or their diets lack certain food groups. That’s why doctors often recommend multivitamin supplements to meet the daily nutritional requirement of children. 

Earlier, these supplements were available only as syrups or pills. Today, gummy vitamins are replacing traditional supplements and becoming increasingly popular. Gummy vitamins appeal to both children and adults for the following reasons:

  • Attractive and Yummy

  • Vitamin gummies are available in different shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours similar to candies. They do not have an unusual smell like the conventional pills. They also taste delicious. Hence, children consume them without any fuss.

  • Easy to Consume

  • Children often find it difficult to swallow pills. This increases their risk of choking.  However, vitamin gummies are easy to eat as they're chewable and yummy..

  • Pleasurable Treats

  • You can easily disguise vitamin gummies as treats for children. You can give them gummies as rewards for doing something good or completing a certain task.

    While there is no doubt that vitamin gummies are convenient supplements for children, there is often a debate about whether they are candies-in-disguise. This is because many gummies available in the market are loaded with sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and unwanted ingredients, and they also have a lower nutrition ratio. It is evident that such gummies could have an adverse impact on your children’s health.

    Hence, you must always research well for a trustworthy and reputed brand for vitamin D3 gummies or any other vitamin gummies for your children. One such brand is Fundoze which is known for its healthy and best multivitamin gummies in India for children in the age group of 2-18 years. 

    Here are some reasons why Fundoze is a preferred choice of several parents for the best immune booster gummies for their kids:

    • 100% natural ingredients
    • No artificial sugar
    • No artificial colours or flavours
    • Zero preservatives
    • Balanced nutrition
    • Gluten-free
    • Allergen-free
    • Yeast-free
    • Vegetarian

    Most importantly, the Fundoze vitamin gummies are approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI and certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These gummies are also lab-tested. 

    So, you can be rest assured that you are giving completely healthy and nutritional vitamin gummies to your children. These gummies will aid in the physical and mental development of your children while boosting immunity without any side effects. Available in mouth-watering lemon, orange and strawberry flavours, the Fundoze range comprises of Calcium + Vitamin D3, Omega + DHA, and multivitamin and mineral gummies. 

    In a nutshell, gummy vitamins are healthy and not candies-in-disguise as long as you buy them from a reliable and authentic brand like Fundoze.